Founding Principles of Quantum Neuroscience

Consciousness, Quantum Coherence and the Brain In 1983, philosopher Joseph Levine proposed that an explanatory gap exists between comprehension of the physical world and consciousness. Matter as we know it is discrete, deterministic, tangible to the organic body, while the mind seems more indivisible, fluid, spontaneous, fleeting, closer to a holistic entity operating unobstructed by … Continue reading Founding Principles of Quantum Neuroscience

Basic Physics Behind the Field Theory of Consciousness

Atoms, comprised of subatomic particles and their quantized arrangements, have electric charge. The movement of charged particles produces electromagnetic fields. The highly charged nature of ionic movement with its voltage differentials in the nervous system and brain gives rise to a strong electromagnetic field. These charges and strong electromagnetic fields participate in synchronizing neural networks … Continue reading Basic Physics Behind the Field Theory of Consciousness