An EM/Quantum Field Theory of Consciousness

Brainstorm 1: CEMI Field Theory and Coherence Fields CEMI (Conscious Electromagnetic Information) theory claims that synchronous neuron firing creates an electromagnetic field which suffuses across relatively large regions of the brain to stimulate even further neuron activity, which upon reaching a sufficiently robust level comprises the substance of fully conscious awareness. The originator of this … Continue reading An EM/Quantum Field Theory of Consciousness

Theory of Cognition

a. Psychology Understanding of cognition began with psychogenic theories derived from psychoanalysis — observation and study of mental associations made by patients during conversations with a psychological practitioner. It was found that maladaptive abnormalities in the psyche, what the medical field termed ‘neurosis’, could be linked to repression of thoughts and memories hidden under ordinary conditions, but … Continue reading Theory of Cognition

Theoretical Models of Emotion

There are two main paradigms in the science-based analysis of emotion which currently prevail: a framework viewing emotion as emergent from basic behavioral instincts that can be boiled down further to automatic physiological responses dictated primarily by chemistry of the nervous system, and an opposing account promulging emotion as social construct, an array of conceptualizations superimposed on physical processes, including those … Continue reading Theoretical Models of Emotion

The Origins and Evolution of Perception in Organic Matter

The Big Bang theory is science's leading model of how our universe began, offering an explanation for background radiation that would have been produced by explosiveness of this event, also the way more distant galaxies seemingly accelerate into empty space at a faster clip, and more phenomena.  This theory claims an extremely dense point of matter … Continue reading The Origins and Evolution of Perception in Organic Matter

The Nature and Human Impact of Qualia

Qualia have captured the imagination of philosophy of mind for generations, with a substantial body of scholarly literature devoted to analysis of this subject.  What are these phenomena both internal and external to mind, which create the appearance of our world while simultaneously informed by environments, both inside and outside of matter?  Why do qualia … Continue reading The Nature and Human Impact of Qualia