Quantum Coherence and the Brain

The Spectrum of Coherence Most have become accustomed to thinking of charge as absolutely differentiated into positive and negative particles interacting in a relatively simplistic manner. A positively charged proton attracts a negatively charged electron, and cations similarly attract anions. Absolute dichotomies such as this do not mesh especially well with what we know about … Continue reading Quantum Coherence and the Brain

Founding Principles of Quantum Neuroscience

Consciousness, Quantum Coherence and the Brain In 1983, philosopher Joseph Levine proposed that an explanatory gap exists between comprehension of the physical world and consciousness. Matter as we know it is discrete, deterministic, tangible to the organic body, while the mind seems more indivisible, fluid, spontaneous, fleeting, closer to a holistic entity operating unobstructed by … Continue reading Founding Principles of Quantum Neuroscience

The Preliminaries of a Complete Physical Explanation for Consciousness

Johnjoe McFadden, a British biochemist and researcher, suggests in his papers on consciousness theory that EM fields located throughout the brain, which are generated by the electric charges of highly concentrated ion flow, cause phase locking between neurons via some still unknown mechanism of sensitivity that the molecular structures of voltage gated ion channels mediate. … Continue reading The Preliminaries of a Complete Physical Explanation for Consciousness

An EM/Quantum Field Theory of Consciousness

CEMI and Coherence Fields CEMI (Conscious Electromagnetic Information) theory claims synchronous neuron firing generates strong electromagnetic fields which build up such that even further neurons are activated via an amplifying feedback loop. Upon reaching a sufficiently robust level within relatively large regions of the brain, EM fields can graduate to CEMI fields, integrating brain matter … Continue reading An EM/Quantum Field Theory of Consciousness

Quantum Biology

Quantum mechanics has not only enabled postulation of new causes for biological processes that have been inexplicable any other way, but its mathematical precision provides the platform for ingenious experiments putting the imagery of its models to the test.  Most biochemistry within living cells occurs too rapidly to be accounted for with Newtonian concepts of force transfer by … Continue reading Quantum Biology